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The nuclear fusion is realized by
photo-electric-magneto-thermal effect.

The electronic cover is being removed by the
COMPTON” effect and the photons operate directly
over the atomic nucleus.

The electrical field accelerates the particles but their
trajectory will be curved by a magnetic field except for
neutrons which don’t have any electrical charge, but
only magnetic moments. This iswhy the neutrons move straight
ahead, parallel to the axis of the chamber.

The electrons and the protons will move in spiral, but in
opposite directions, as their electrical charges are opposed.
The diameter of the spiral differs because of the difference
of the masses.

The bigger being the energy of the particle, the bigger being
the diameter.

The absorption of one atom of nitrogen and one of oxygen -
predominant particles in the terrestrial atmosphere - takes
place in the accelerating chamber.

In the first stage, the electrons orbiting the two atoms are
being bombed simultaneously by the photon fascicle and, as a
result of this interaction, they are pulled out from their
orbits and moved along spiral trajectories having the same
direction that the electromagnetic fields has, and located on
a peripheral orbit in the accelerating chamber.

The loose electrons will appear inside the chamber providing
the weak nuclear force.

In the second stage, the atoms are ionized, generating in
this way the powerful nuclear force. It consists in loose
cuclei unwrapped from their electronic cover.

The photons interact with the protons, pulling them out from
their position. These protons will move in their turn on
spiral trajectories in the same direction as that of the
electromagnetic field, but opposite to the movement of the

The loose protons will appear inside the accelerating

In the third, the neutrons are bombed in their turn by the
photon fascicle being spread in this way. They will move in
the direction of the electromagnetic field.

The existence of these loose neutrons marks the end of the
process meant to create plasma wich, it’s well known, is
being characterized as a mixture of loose charges.

In the fourth stage, following the above mentioned process
and by the directing the particles inside the accelerating
chamber, the phosphorus is formed: an atomic structure
composed of 15 electrons, 15 protons and 15 neutrons. An
energy of 235 MeV is produces at the same time. Along with it
we could obtain the union of the weak and strong nuclear force
with the electromagnetic force.


For the scientists, the Unified Field represents the union of
the weak nuclear force and the powerful nuclear force with the
electromagnetic force and the force of Gravity.

In the Great Union case, there is supposed the possibility of
the union of the weak nuclear force (representing the
electronic cover of the atom) with the powerful nuclear force
(representing the atomic nucleus composed by protons and
neutrons) with the electromagnetic force. The nuclear force
and the electromagnetic force are milions and milions times
biger than the Gravity force, negligible in this case.


The radiant energy produced under the form of light or heat
can be absorbed and transformed into electric current.

The first two levels transform the light into electric
current and the other three levels take over that heat from
the first two levels.

The heat lost by the cooling process transforms itself into
electric current.

By closing the space between the coil and the
photo/thermo/electric panels, we obtain two atomic systems,
one isolated with N and S electromagnetic polarities forming a
quantic generator.

The quantic generator has three electric circuits: U1,
U…, U2. The electrical circuit to start operating is the
circuit U2 composed of the source G, the ballast L, inducing
resistors R1 and R2 and switches K1,
K2, K3 and K4.

The source G of continuous electric current feeds the coil
with electric energy. This produces energy as well on its
external surface in the isolated atomic system, as on its
internal surface of the non/isolated atomic system.

The luminous radiant energy and the thermic energy produced
by the isolated atomic systems is absorbed by the
photo-thermo- electric panels that transform it into electric

The circuit U will indicate the presence of a tension T. At
that moment the circuit U2 is closing and the circuit U1 is

The circuits U1 is equipped with a potentiometer P connected
to clamps A - B of the circuit U, so as to utilize only part
of its tension to feed the coil with electric energy.

The value of the tension depends on the position of the
cursor C, which grows when the cursor moves towards A and
decreases when the cursor moves towards B.


That eses the radioactive ofval that is transformed in
electric current. 1590 years is the life of one gram of
radium: that is half of the existing nucleus will
disintegrated and tne other half needs 1590 years more.

Using the principales of emission of radioactive energy and
that of absorption of energy by the photo-thermo-electric
panels, we suppose that we could achieve a
photo-thermo-*electric nuclear generator which would transform
radioactive energy into the electric current.

The photo-thermo-electric generator could be formed out of:
metal or radioactive waste, photo-thermo-electric panels,
electric clamps and two protecting layers.


A space program is very expansive but 80% of the weight of
the ship is represented by the tanks of fuel. The solution
would to find a system or a mechanism that could allow us to
use the energy from the particles of the environment that we
want to move into then the cost of such a research program
would be really cheaper.

The quantic propulsed ship is composed out of the main part
of the vessel, the auxiliary device and the quantic device of

The auxiliary mechanism is composed out of two
electromagnetic shells located on the external part of the
vessel, one on the upper part and the other on the lower part,
and they are put into action by the electromagnets.

The quantic device of propulsion is composed out of eight
horiyontal quantic generators (1) which are fixed into the
conecting star (2), and to a vertical quantic generator (3)
that is fixed to the lower part of the connecting star.

The quantic generators end outside the vessel with the tips
of the mechanism (4).

The vertical movement can take place putting into action the
external electromagnetic shells, so that they should rotate
each in an opposite direction. The non/isolated atomic systems
have on the external part of the vessel a positive
electromagnetic polarity S and inside, a negative
electromagnetic polarity N.

A vertical propulsion of energy is obtained which is composed
out of a few nuclear particles issued under the form beta,
alpha and gamma radiation.

For a horiyontal movement the electromagnetic polarities of
the non/isolated atomic systems have to changed. There should
exist five atomic systems with positive electromagnetic
polarity S, external to the vessel in the direction of the
progress, and inside the vessel the negative electromagnetic
polarity N in the opposite direction of the course: there
should exist inside the vessel threee non-isolated atomic
systems with positive electromagnetic polarity S and outside
the vessel, there should be a negative electromagnetic
polarity N obtaining in this way a jet of propulsion under the
form of reaction.


The "
Corona Effect" represents the emission of the radiations
surrounding the ship. That radiation forms a lighting spectrum
of electromagnetic wave.

According to the Theory of Relativity, the mass of an object
would increase of its speed. At the reach of the light-speed,
the mass of the ship would be infinite. In this case, the mass
of the ship will be constant, being used only the mass of the
radiation that protects the ship of the outside factors; that
would be negative and infinite.

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