marți, 2 decembrie 2008

The plan electromagnetic

Almost every day people die in accidents in aviation technical reasons, atmospheric or otherwise.

Planes are large consumers of energy, and under the current energy crisis of existence around the globe, traveling by plane will be increasingly difficult.

To be able to travel by plane safe and to no longer produce aviation accidents, how to reduce fuel consumption of airplanes, I made another experiment "electromagnetic plane, which was mentioned in the magazine Flacara No. 3 Jan 16 1987, titled "The plane in the living room", aimed at increasing the safety of aircraft flying in the atmosphere.

We have built an airplane in his living room with which sought to prove that the air coming in front of the plane and izbeste front fuselage, can be absorbed and used to submit and support aircraft in the air as trains run on rails or boats on the water .

Opening wings is 5 m and fuselage length of 3.5 m.

The propulsion system of the plane electromagnetic consists of two motorcycle engines ìMobraî, placed one on each wing which in turn operate a propeller.

Aircraft propulsion is provided by the operation of these two engines and two propellers and an electromagnetic cylinder which crosses in front of the aircraft fuselage to the rear, the entire length.

Cylinder electromagnetic consists of a rectangular tube made of plywood, with a diameter of 10 cm and a length of 3.5 m, which is infasurata copper wire FY 1.5 mm, a portion of 3 m, with identical a solenoid.

Coli of copper wire is powered by two batteries of 24 VX 110, tied in the series.

The air is absorbed inside the cylinder on the electromagnetic polaritaty negative and positive created by the coli, which is accelerated (other than in the case of turbine engines, compression and ejectare) and delivered on the negative N polaritatea electromagnetic space constituting energy electromagnetic propulsion.

The air coming into contact with the body of the aircraft is no longer oppose the submission plane, but help his submission, while also reducing fuel consumation.